0a08c16Melyni Serpa: Experienced Manager, Executive
As CEO at Gannett Healthcare Group, I had the absolute pleasure of working very closely with Noreen. Noreen just has that special something. That thing you just can’t explain. The it factor. She’s wildly talented. Crazy fun. Funny and bright. Inspiring and inspired. Everything you want in a creative person. I’ve seen her turn a stalled creative session around in a second. When nobody else can come up with an idea, she does. I find myself missing just being around her. If you have a chance to hire her, you really should.


01636e3Steve Hauber:
CEO Clipper Magazine & Vice President Tegna Digital
What can I say about Noreen? Incredibly talented, smart as they come, not afraid to take risks, a MAJOR problem solver, and a work ethic that stands far above the rest. She is one of my favorite creative people (and managers) I have had the pleasure to work with in my entire career. I would hire her again in a nano-second (if I wasn’t so geographically undesirable) and you should too. You wont regret it.


AAEAAQAAAAAAAAKrAAAAJDhmODc4YmQwLTMxZTItNDY2MC05Njk4LTllNTk5N2M3YjAyOALynne Schaefer, RN: VP of Circulation and Info Services at Oncourse Learning
It’s rare that you come across standout artistic talent like Noreen’s. She is a professional that not only has a great personality, but an incredible sense of humor to top it all off! I have worked alongside with Noreen at Gannett Healthcare Group for several years. Her creative and brainstorming talents have, as an example, enhanced our marketing efforts for subscription procurement for new customers, as well as collaborated new ideas for maintaining our current subscriber base through appropriately timed and catchy designed renewals. Her innate sense of color and design is a talent that many would envy. Her keen eye can flip through any magazine, booklet, or marketing piece skillfully pinpointing improvements needed as well as identifying excellence within the pages. Noreen is a superior choice and an asset to any company searching for a skilled, intelligent, and competent person to join their team.

37d7e30Michael Pierce: VP Digital Strategy & Operations at Inside Higher Ed
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Noreen for the past 9 years – in the many projects we worked on, Noreen exhibited thoughtful leadership and a passion for excellence in her groups work product. It was perfectly clear to everyone in the organization that any task she took on would be done to an exceptional level. If you are here looking to hire Noreen, you can stop reading now and capture a unique and talented leader and contributor.

RayRiordanRay RiordanDirector of Healthcare, West at Katon Direct
I have worked with Noreen almost 10 years and found her to be exceptional in both creativity and the ability to look at a project and balance from multiple points of view. As the head of Sales, I needed an executive in the Creative Department that was able to listen to the client and give the sales team the support it needed without over-tasking her staff or out spending the allocated budget for a project. She was successful in managing all those variables with complex clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, Band Aid, University of Phoenix and the State of California. I would highly recommend Noreen without hesitation.


AndrewBoydstonAndrew BoydstonMarketing Professional
I have had the privilege of working with Noreen for more than 10 years… Her thoughtful leadership and creative talent shaped our creative department into an awarding winning and nationally recognized team. It was exciting to see the transformation under her leadership. I have personally worked with Noreen on many subscription marketing campaigns over the years and found her insight instrumental in the success our campaigns and magazines. I would highly recommend Noreen to head up any team.


362903bBobby Ford Cioffi:
Senior Graphic Designer at Total Corporate Solutions
Noreen is a motivated leader who produces proven results. Mindful of deadlines, she can allocate her resources to provide maximum quality, in minimal time. Noreen encourages her team to grow and thrive, both as individuals and together as a team. She provides an atmosphere to productively create and produce in a fun and colorful way. While working with her, I was able to double my skill set, while honing my creative chops, producing quality work I am proud of today.


1fd4f75Garett Auriemma: Director of Communications and Development at National Anti-Vivisection Society
I had the pleasure of working with Noreen for several years on the Marketing Communications team at Oak Park Hospital (now Rush Oak Park Hospital). Her creative energy and passion brought the hospital’s marketing projects to life. Never content to rest on her laurels, Noreen consistently brought new techniques and fresh ideas to the table. She was quick to grasp the underlying need behind a project and would develop a design that perfectly reflected the necessary tone. I always felt confident when a project was in Noreen’s hands, because I knew that it would reflect the hospital in the strongest manner possible.