Hermes Creative Awards 2015 Gold Winner

Date:01 Aug, 2015

Skills:Creative Direction | InDesign | Photoshop | Pre-press | Production

Client:Nutrition Dimension

Hermes Creative Awards 2015 Gold Winner

This creative campaign showcases the food-conscious content of Nutrition Dimension. Our team’s use of vibrant imagery speaks directly to its primary audience — nutrition professionals — whose mission is to energize its clients through healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle choices. Multi-dimensional art elements and playful fonts invite dietitians, nutritionists, athletic trainers and health educators to engage with our content, featured in the Nutrition Dimension print magazine, digital magazine and tablet app, social media pages, blog and website. This versatile, multi-platform campaign has helped us succeed in delivering a consistent, clear message to our audience while branding the name Nutrition Dimension as a leader in continuing education content for nutrition professionals.

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